So after something like 7 years of being with San Fran label INgrooves---I've decided that it's time to move on and what's more it's time to be myself instead of Delphinium Blue. Feels good actually.

Of course, leaving your label for greener pastures is also traumatic. I went from peacefully working on new tracks to suddenly having to also deal with a fucking ton of business matters. ASCAP. Copyrights. Licensing. Bank accounts. Email. Photo galleries. Audio files. Promotions. It's enough to make an indie rock star's brain hurt.

I DO have some really good news for the fans however---This weekend I will be emailing everybody to announce that I'm giving away really high quality 320kbps mp3 files of all the tracks on my best selling album THE SECRET LIFE OF BOYS (which is also the new name of this blog and NO I do not intend any slight against the ladies).

Anyway if you're reading this post then you're finding out ahead of time that the tracks are already up on the Reverb Nation widget that's on the home page. You can get them right now if you want. All I ask in return is an email address so I can alert you when stuff is going on musically speaking.

If you are already on the mailing list then you just enter your address for verification only and then go download the tracks by clicking SONGS. It's pretty easy.

Of course some of you might be saying, "But I already have that album from iTunes..."

Yeah, but what you have are the crappy compressed versions that the on line stores sell. There's a reason why those files download so fast. The ones I've put up on the Reverb Nation widget at are better than CD quality. This is as close as you're gonna get to hearing what these tracks sounded like in a studio setting.

So...go get em. And enjoy. And maybe tell your friends. Actually you can share that widget on web sites, in emails's easy to spread the music around. So please do. PEACE.

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