hello blue people.

i have had the most horrid sinus infection going on for the last week. i mean every single day my head is throbbing and my teeth are aching. yes teeth. if you've never had a sinus attack then you do not know what real pain is. it fucking hurts big time.

anyway in order to squelch the misery i have been staying up late, drinking large amounts of cheap vodka which does the trick of getting rid of the aching and has the secondary effect of causing me to want to write some new music. so i've been working on new tracks.

hope to have something out in spring 09.

6 "songs" are complete already (as of today). i put quotes around the word songs because none of these tracks has vocals really. i'm sick of writing pop songs. i find instrumental music to be much more open and interesting. i can do what i want on instrumentals and i don't have to sing and pretend to be streisand...

also these tracks are, for the most part, kind of laid back - something else that i like. i enjoy cinematic, ambient kinds of things and i think this new album (is that what it really is?) will head in that sort of direction.

hope you are all well. i'm taking some time off from working in television (my day job) so that i can rest and drink and go out to the clubs. i could have made something up - but that's the truth.



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