CDs Are Still Around!

My original 3 albums --THE SECRET LIFE OF BOYS, RUSH PUSH & REMIXES DEMOS + BOOTLEGS--have been re-issued as CDs via the fine folks at The discs are produced on demand and shipped to you directly from Amazon. And I have to say that when I saw the first test pressing of THE SECRET LIFE OF BOYS I was quite impressed. And speaking of that album there is a lengthy BLOG POST RIGHT HERE  titled "CREATING THE SECRET LIFE OF BOYS" all about the writing and recording of that album.

Until I made this record I had only done singles.

This was the first time I decided to make a collection of tracks that were linked in sound and subject matter. The debut album was recorded in an empty apartment in southwest Washington, DC.

I spent about 6 months writing and recording 23 tracks. Only the ones I really liked made the final cut. This was the album that got me signed to INgrooves when CEO Robb McDaniels heard "Boy Seventeen" on a San Francisco radio station and called me up to ask if I wanted to perform at Burning Man.

This is still some of my favorite music. If I'm going to sit down and listen to my own work---this is usually the one I put on.

Note: This is the original version of this album not the Deluxe Edition which is available everywhere as a Digital download.

I started writing this record immediately after The Secret Life of Boys was complete. This album has a lot of cool things on it. "Little Sister" was always a song that many people loved. So is the title track.

I had a lot of fun making this because after the debut record I stopped worrying and really began to love the process of constantly recording.

Interestingly when these tracks were complete I still had no title for the album. One night at a bar in downtown DC I asked a bunch of friends to pick a name. Any name. One of them blurted out, "Just call it RUSH PUSH damn it!" And that was that.

Over the years I stupidly gave away a lot of demos on cassettes and sometimes on CDs. A number of friends collected these little souvenirs but a lot of early tracks got into the hands of DJs and radio people and slowly made their way out onto the internets.

Often these versions were not the best or were flat out not finished. So, this was a chance to revisit some of those tracks and polish them a little.

This album contains one of my most successful releases ever "Groove Thru The Floor". Also, a nearly 9-minute long remix of "Boy Seventeen" as well as "Dim All The Lights" which ended up on a movie soundtrack.

Why Independent Artists' Albums Never Get Old

Occasionally somebody will ask me, "What year was your album such and such produced?"

And when I tell them it was 10 years ago or more they can't believe I'm still selling it. The typical reaction is "Wow shouldn't you take that down and make another one---a NEWER one?"

But think about it: unless you're Lady Gaga or Ed Sheeran or an artist on that level, you are always going to have new people discovering your past work. One of the great benefits of being independent aside from not having a record company stealing your money is that your music doesn't get old. It's not like I'm Fleetwood Mac and every single person on Earth is going to go out and buy RUMOURS! My work goes out more slowly. It's more of a drip than a flood. And that's fine.

In 2019 for instance, more people heard my music than all the previous years combined!

I reached over a million people just in the last 6 months. And none of those people had ever heard of me before. This is due to the fact that I don't have major label budgets. I can't reach the whole world at one time. So, I reach folks as I can. And that's actually wonderful because it means there is a steady flow of new fans who are only just recently hearing THE SECRET LIFE OF BOYS. For them, it's brand new. Evergreen. Like the day I first released it. Another nice thing is that I do electronica. And that style of music tends not to get dated as quickly as pop does.

Anyway, I write the above just to explain why I will never take down my original work. It lives on year after year because there are more people each year who keep enjoying it.