"Boy 17,  If Jesus Hasn't Saved You Yet,  Crash And Burn
—3 tracks from
American recording artist Arlin Godwin that I play on a
regular basis on
my radio show. Pure Electronic EAR CANDY!"
— Mark Tara - Producer & Host
#1 Gay & Lesbian radio show
Rainbow Country CIUT895FM 
Toronto Canada


"I love what you're doing, I will be following you (in a good way). Thanks!"

  “'Secret Life of Boys' sounds very Pet Shop Boys, with a great vocal.
'Big Star Now' has a wicked little vox sample that sounds like it came out of the old
Ensoniq Mirage sampler from the '80s! And 'Groove Thru The Floor' benefits
from really slick mixing!”   
— Mike White Presents


"Currently listening to the remix album. Great feel of Electronic, dance, funk, pop all mixed together.
Great stuff. Beautiful. Feels like Prince given a brand new Yamaha keyboard for Xmas! Love it."


“Your style of electronica is totally hot and your vocals are killer.
This is some of the best I've heard anywhere...I'm privileged to be next to you in the DC charts! ”   
— Janice Kephart


“Wow, I love your music---the power behind it. 'Joy' is great
but 'It's About Your Soul' is fantastic.”   



“You've got a great sound...Really nice work...Keep it up!”
— DJ-Pipes


“Just listening to 5 tracks in the free download, my world was rocked! Forever!
'Little Sister' is perfection in a genre that is perhaps the most difficult to work from.”   
— T Roy Lynch


“Arlin Godwin should send me a fan club application...
He's been a favorite of mine ever since he started recording...”   
— Music Monthly


“Dirty Vegas meets Art of Noise.”   
— Burnt Systems  


"I have been a fan of yours for years and still one! Great job and great music...  
I love what you do!"  
— Len Rogers


"'Ed's Place' offers a fresh and accessible sound, the vocal is super stylish,
great storytelling with a cool soulfulness, it mingles well with the
light, dreamy and enigmatic melodies, very easy on the ear..."