1. Ed's Place

From the recording Ed's Place

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Words & Music by Arlin Godwin / Ultra Schang Music / ASCAP / 1994

Composed, performed, arranged & produced entirely by Arlin Godwin

I dreamed
I was in the back of a big limousine
Winding through the woods
Under a blue sky
I had a Prince CD
And he was singing
“All the critics love you in New York”
And in the backseat
I sipped some wine
With Julie on one side
And Francine on the other
But the girls were getting kinda restless
They kept asking “are we there yet?”
And I said “be patient darlings”
“We’re on our way to Ed’s house”

Well, we got there
And the door opened
Mister E said “come on in”
I saw everybody I knew
There was Jeff, Donnie
Everybody from MTV
There was champagne
There was caviar
Everybody was cool
How cool?
Real cool, naked in fact,
Well, you know how dreams are
Anyway it was summer time
And I saw Vanessa
Standing in the corner
She waved
She looked good
But then—
Everybody looks good at Ed’s Place

Bobby Konders was there
Massive Sounds
He was out on the patio with some headphones on
I saw some guys from Billboard
A lot of record, radio people
And then this girl walked up to me
Did she have a name?
I think her name was Tonya or Tanya or something like that
And she said “are you famous?”
And I said “no, not yet”
“But I’m really really glad to be at Ed’s Place”