The videos below are experiments of various kinds. I love movies. Usually watch Blu rays because dvds are awful quality. Streaming's getting better. I'd like to make a feature film at some point.  As for the files below:

SO ALL ALONE is a music video shot on the old Canon T2i at my old apartment in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.

RANDOMNESS was done on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. In 12bit RAW. I was playing around with the idea of moving the light source instead of the camera. I like that effect.

THE MAN IN 813 was a short film I made in the fall and winter of 2010--and to my great surprise it was accepted and screened in competition at the 2011 DC Shorts Film Festival (thank you Jon Gann) and won the award that year for Outstanding Local Film. 

THUNDERSTORM is just that---a deluge of rain with lots of lightning---shot from my home studio window a couple of summers ago.

What a mess. Enjoy.