The videos below are experiments of various kinds.

ED's PLACE is a track from more than 20 years ago that took off in 2020 because some people half my age thought it was cool and somebody posted an old radio single from vinyl to I ended up remastering it and doing a lyric video that is kind of fun and hypnotic. The song has A LOT of lyrics and even I was kind of pleasantly pleased to read them all. This track tells quite a story...and every bit of it is true. Honest.

ALEXANDER FROM ALEXANDERPLATZ was inspired by a guy I met from...well, uh...Berlin. Specifically, living near Alexanderplatz. This is a very buzzy electronica track. I had no plans to release this until my own son Neil heard it and liked it so much that I felt like..."Okay, let's put this thing out and see what happens." And so, here it is.

THICKLY BUTTERED COFFIN was released on October 17, 2019, as a video only. It's obviously all about Halloween, my favorite time of year.

SO ALL ALONE is a music video shot on the old Canon T2i at my old apartment in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.

OBSCENE was made entirely out of stock footage from a company called Video Blocks! The track was recorded in the 1990s. It was greatly shortened for this video. The shorter version and the original are available at pretty much all online music stores. The video has had over 10,000 views at YouTube (which is a lot for me) and close to 30,000 views on other platforms.

ON ACCOUNT OF THE RAIN is, if I do say so myself (and I do), a flat out gorgeous, wet, instrumental-chillout-downtempo track. And I love it. I used an old acoustic guitar on this one---some of it is actually backward---and sometimes that's what electronica really needs: an old guitar with really bad strings! You can't get that out of synth. Anyway, when I'm freaking out from too much work and too many people and too much stress, I watch this and it calms me down.

RANDOMNESS was done on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. In 12bit RAW. I was playing around with the idea of moving the light source instead of the camera. If you watch this one you'll see the shadows moving around. I like that effect because it looks eerie (to me at least) when the shadows move but the subject doesn't.

THE MAN IN 813 is a short narrative film I made in the fall and winter of 2010--and to my great surprise, it was accepted and screened in competition at the 2011 DC Shorts Film Festival (thank you Jon Gann) and picked up one of the 16 awards given to the winners that year---mine being the award for Outstanding Local Film. 

THUNDERSTORM is just that---a deluge of rain with lots of lightning---shot from my home studio window a couple of summers ago.