The coolest thing I've done lately is upgrade my home studio gear. Out went the 10 year Dell and in came a brand new HP Z-Book Mobile Workstation and an external 20" monitor. I also stopped using the old SONAR 6 software that I had recorded on for eons and replaced that with the latest SONAR X3 program.

The new software is nothing short of amazing. The biggest single change for me is what they call "soft synths" which means all the synthesizers are INSIDE your computer, not sitting in a rack somewhere in the room with a bunch of wires coming out of them. 

Computers are now so powerful that you can install these wonderful "soft synths" as plug-ins into the main sequencer software you are using (in my case SONAR X3) and use them to generate all the sounds you need to make a record. What a modern world we live in huh?! 

Anyway there WILL be new music. And soon. I'm working a lot on new tracks and I think everyone will be enthusiastically surprised. The new stuff is very very electronic, it has a beat, and you can dance to it. More later. Love. A


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