Greetings from Washington, DC, USA.

I'm Arlin and I live here in DC, right up 16th Street about 5 blocks from the President of the United States. Yeah him. We're definitely not friends but we are neighbors. He spends his days Tweeting---and I make electronic music.

Lots and lots of it.


So, here you can download FREE TRACKS and---down below you can get on the E-Mail List.




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Just listening to three tracks in the free download, my world was rocked! Forever! 'Little Sister' is perfection in a genre that is perhaps the most difficult to work from.”

— T Roy Lynch

Arlin Godwin should send me a fan club application...He's been a favorite of mine ever since he started recording...”

— Music Monthly

Dirty Vegas meets Art of Noise.”

— Burnt Systems

If I didn't know better I would swear Studio 54 is alive and well.”

— Alt Press

...difficult to describe...genre resisting...”

— DJ Wesley (Wesley King)

One of DC's best electronic music artists.”

— Alt Press

Songs about urban gay life. From the club to the bathhouse to Judy Garland...often recalls Pet Shop Boys & Depeche Mode...”

— Metro Weekly

Melody takes precedence over beats...suggests Prince's influence...”

— Washington City Paper

Awesome... intensity, melody & beauty.”

— Tenter Hooks

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